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Vintage Santa Claus

Vintage Santa Claus

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Wall-Window Sticker
SKU: 13884

Vintage Santa Claus

Product Code:13884
ProductType:Removable Self-adhesive wall decoration
Size:2 sheets 46x67 cm
Material:non-toxic Phthalates free vinyl
Brand:Crearreda - Christmas
Notes:Application on walls, doors and furniture: Carefully remove the decal from the backing paper and apply it rubbing gently. It can be sticked on any smooth, clean and no-lacquered surface. We recommend to perform a test before applying on newly painted, humid or not perfectly plaster wall finishing. Application on windows: Clean the window with a wet cloth and apply the sticker without drying. Gently flatten the sticker to remove any water or air bubbles. Washable with a mild glass detergent. Removal It can be easily removed: just peel back a corner of the sticker and pull. If necessary use a hair-dryer (on low heat) to soften the glue. e
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